Welcome to Nowhere River

Welcome to Nowhere River

Welcome to Nowhere River



We recorded actor Marta Dusseldorp for this fantastic audiobook by Tassie author Meg Bignell

Penguin Audiobooks Australia needed somewhere Hobart-based to record Marta Dusseldorp’s narration. As luck would have it, we had just moved into our premises in Murray Street, so Welcome to Nowhere River became the first project for our brand new vocal booth.

Over the course of a couple of weeks, Marta and Meg worked with us in the studio to record a fantastic spoken word interpretation of Meg’s novel – almost twenty hours of raw recordings in all!

A quick-turnaround editing and master process whittled it down to a tidy twelve-and-a-half hours, which was submitted to the publisher and quickly approved.


The audiobook came out in early March 2021 to great acclaim. Mostly for Meg’s wonderful story and prose if we’re honest… but it sounded pretty good too!

Tassie Harvest

Tassie Harvest

Tassie Harvest



Hobart communications firm CorComms approached us to handle a fast turnaround post-production job on this TV commercial

Cor Comms provided us with the production assets – interviews and B-roll, a number of graphic design elements, and VO/music tracks. They wanted it all put together into a 30 second TV commercial with a quick turnaround, and then released to various television broadcasters.

We brought in all of the elements, and selected/assembled the appropriate shots to best fit the messaging.

We also implemented some light animation to bring the supplied graphic design elements to life.

A quick audio mix, some subtle sound design, a tech check, and it was all ready to dispatch to broadcasters.


The finished commercial went to air on all Tasmanian commercial stations, as well as across a variety of online/social media channels.

Cor Comms and DPIPWE were both very happy with the result.


“Thanks mate, we love it!”

Adrian Smith – Cor Comms

Studio Ilk Showcase

Studio Ilk Showcase

Studio Ilk Showcase



Hobart architecture firm Studio Ilk came to us to create a beautiful online video showcase of their work.

Hobart architecture firm Studio Ilk wanted to bring their portfolio to life with a stylish video presentation for their rebranded website. There was no time available to coordinate visits to each site to capture moving vision, but we were able to access a selection of beautiful photography of the various sites. We elected to build a dynamic, layered slide-show video which they could use as a website background.

We applied a number of motion layers to the images – floating particles, light flares, and layered transition elements – in order to bring life and movement to what might otherwise have been quite a static slideshow. We also carried these treatments across to the photographer’s credits.

Once the final version was approved, we provided the file to the client’s web developers, and they incorporated it into the website at www.studioilk.com.au.

Studio Ilk Director Kate Symons was extremely happy with the finished product:

“Thanks for producing the video for our website holding page so quickly!  We are really happy with the finished product and we have had some fantastic feedback from existing and prospective clients already”

TV Commercials

TV Commercials

Television Commercials



Prior to expanding out into full video production, VSM founder Nick Storr created a great deal of short form video production work within his other business, Firefly Media Production. This is a small collection of that previous work.

Hobart City Mission Op Shops

Nick Directed, shot and edited this commercial, based on a concept devised by the client. The intent was to showcase the “life” of a piece of clothing as it is donated to the op shop, and then discovered by its new owner.

Red Kelly’s – Tasmania’s Most Wanted

A simple, elegant 15 second TV commercial to promote Red Kelly’s line of salad dressings. Nick sourced the perfect video of dressing being poured, and built the label transition around it.

Beerfest – Don’t Be Stupid

A slice of stick-figure absurdism, based (pretty loosely) on the aesthetic of Don Hertzfeldt. Nick animated and sound designed this one.

Public Trustee – Gran’s Dress

This was part of a broader branding campaign for The Public Trustee, produced in collaboration with design firm Atomic Blender.

Nick Co-directed, shot and edited.

Red Red

With nothing but the logo to work with for this restaurant advertisement, Nick devised and executed a parallax-layered motion graphics approach inspired by classic James Bond opening sequences (but without the naked ladies.)

Tassie Dancers Against Cancer

Tassie Dancers Against Cancer

Tasmanian Dancers Against Cancer Gala



When COVID-19 threatened to sink a promising fundraising concert, we helped bring it back to life in a new, exciting virtual format.

Tasmanian Dancers Against Cancer had a record 2019 – raising around $30,000 for cancer research by bringing dance schools from around the south of Tasmania together for a gala fundraising event.

They had they sights set on beating that target in 2020, and then COVID-19 hit. And suddenly there was no way to pack an auditorium with a paying audience.

A different approach was needed, and TDAC organisers approached us to take the Gala virtual.

 Demand to participate in the Gala was way in excess of expectations. These dancers hadn’t had the opportunity to perform in front of an audience all year! Over the course of a frantic but delightful weekend, we captured over fifteen hours of dance performances in front of a socially distanced audience. It was an amazing privilege to be in a theatre, experiencing live performances again after such a long break due to COVID.

Over the subsequent two weeks we took those recordings and produced almost 400 individual performance videos, two long-form highlight shows, and a 118-minute Gala Extravaganza.

We co-ordinated with streaming service provider Crowdcast.io on behalf of TDAC to get the shows online and able to purchased, and the Gala went out to a paying audience on October 4th.

Despite the unprecedented COVID-19 restritctions, TDAC were able to match the previous year’s record-breaking fundraising!