Tassie Harvest



Hobart communications firm CorComms approached us to handle a fast turnaround post-production job on this TV commercial

Cor Comms provided us with the production assets – interviews and B-roll, a number of graphic design elements, and VO/music tracks. They wanted it all put together into a 30 second TV commercial with a quick turnaround, and then released to various television broadcasters.

We brought in all of the elements, and selected/assembled the appropriate shots to best fit the messaging.

We also implemented some light animation to bring the supplied graphic design elements to life.

A quick audio mix, some subtle sound design, a tech check, and it was all ready to dispatch to broadcasters.


The finished commercial went to air on all Tasmanian commercial stations, as well as across a variety of online/social media channels.

Cor Comms and DPIPWE were both very happy with the result.


“Thanks mate, we love it!”

Adrian Smith – Cor Comms