Buzz Bumble – TV Series

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Fifty two episodes of cartoon madness? Sounds like our kind of gig. This show was a blast to work on. A bumble bee named Buzz Bumble and his best pal, a blowfly named Joe Blow, live in a cardboard box. Each night they stage a variety stunt musical show to an audience of bugs. Like all theatre productions, it’s an adventure that rarely goes to plan and Buzz Bumble struggles to keep the show on track and the theatre in one piece.

First, many days in the studio recording the actors speaking and singing their parts. Then editing, assembly, and hand off to the animatic team.

On the sound-design front, each area of the show’s cardboard box theatre was given its own dedicated reverb signature – there’s not a dry line of dialogue anywhere in the show. We also build a re-useable library of sonic mayhem – crashes, explosions, cannon blasts etc. which came in super handy toward the end of the schedule as things got tight (as they always do!)

Musically the show was a really fun mix of styles. There were live band tracks for the on-screen “leech band”, some short musical-theatre segments (which had to be composed and recorded prior to the animatic stage), a bunch of recurring character leitmotifs, and a whole lot of “Mickey mousing” under the more slapstick elements. The hope musically was to hit somewhere between homage and parody of the US “golden-age” animation shorts.

Buzz Bumble has had two Saturday morning runs on GO! All episode can now be seen on the Buzz Bumble YouTube channel.


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July 16, 2014