MACq 01 Video



Creative Agency Red Jelly approached us to bring this short video to life with original sound and music.

The agency had created an absolutely stunning thirty-second video for a website landing page, but the client had requested that it be embellished with an original soundscape by a Tasmanian composer. As luck would have it, we have one of those! 

VSM founder & chief music-maker mapped out the key notes of the piece to align to the text as it appeared on screen, and then built out the musical elements of the soundscape around those “pillars”. 

We then went back and filled out the sound design, walking a careful line between realistic sounds and impressionistic elements such as the light bulb explosion and thunderclaps.

Finally we mixed the sound design and music, married it back together with the video, and sent it back to the client, who were thrilled with the results.


“The creative team here have given it the big tick/thumbs up – Everyone loved it!”

Vanessa Lee – Producer