Pixel Pinkie – TV Series

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A 21st century reinterpretation of the traditional genie tale. The 26 half hour animated series is the story of Nina, a tween-age girl and her adventures with an impetuous digital genie who lives in Nina’s mobile phone.

Beneath the stylised aesthetics & heightened situations, this show dealt with human characters. So sonically, while the show certainly had its wacky, toony moments, it also had to be grounded in reality. Initially a lot of time was spent figuring out the background ambiences for the various locations – parks, the local mall, Nina’s neighbourhood street, the schoolyard, the juice bar etc.

Particular attention also had to be paid to Pixel Pinkie’s movements – having her float around on a trail of pixels looked cool, but every movement had to be accompanied by twinkly/sparkly sounds to give the character some weight.

Pixel Pinkie ran on Channel 9 in Australia, then repeated on ABC3. You can watch all the episodes online at the Pixel Pinkie YouTube Channel


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July 16, 2009