Epilepsy Tasmania – Purple Day 2020



Epilepsy Tasmania’s awareness program was severely impacted when the COVID-19 restrictions arrived. We worked with Ikin Media to put together a socially distanced variety webcast at extremely short notice to help make up the shortfall.

Tasmania’s strict COVID-19 restrictions came into effect just as Epilepsy Tasmania was about to launch into its Purple Day program to raise awareness of epilepsy in the community.

We had already been working on the podcast “My Journey” with Ikin Media, and when everything went sideways they reached out to VSM to see if we could pull together a live video version of the podcast to replace their Purple Day event lineup.

In order to get in and out fast, and maximise social distancing, we decided to use as little equipment as possible, and to pre-record the show on “Purple Day Eve” and edit it for playout the following day. Setup was done in well under an hour, with a crew of one!

The rig comprised two stationary cameras (one on the presenter and one on the talent), an iPhone XS on a gimbal as a third camera, and an audio feed from host Sam Ikin’s podcasting mixer.

The interviews were edited together that evening along with some supplied video segments from other contributors.

The half-hour show was played out “as live” at noon on March 26th, and went off without a hitch! There was great interaction in the comments, and many people expressed how it helped them to feel less isolated after the sudden lockdown.