Seat at the Table



Hobart communications agency Cor Comms came to us to help with post-production and compositing animated and live action elements together for this fun social media video

The video depicts a group of young/diverse people letting themselvs into a darkened council hall, where a glowing animated table appears in front of them. VSM was brought on to edit the final video, and to track/composite the live action and graphical elements together. We attended the location shoot to provide advice on practical lighting and camera movements to help lay the foundation for a successful post-production process. Some subtle practical lighting on-set to represent the desk allowed the animated elements to blend more realistically with the background videos.

Over the following few days we edited the video rushes together to build the story, then animated the table and the iconography on the tabletop. Compositing and motion tracking tied the animated and video elements together, then a colour grade and sound mix finished the piece.

LGAT – Seat at the Table

Social media video