Tasmanian Dancers Against Cancer Gala



When COVID-19 threatened to sink a promising fundraising concert, we helped bring it back to life in a new, exciting virtual format.

Tasmanian Dancers Against Cancer had a record 2019 – raising around $30,000 for cancer research by bringing dance schools from around the south of Tasmania together for a gala fundraising event.

They had they sights set on beating that target in 2020, and then COVID-19 hit. And suddenly there was no way to pack an auditorium with a paying audience.

A different approach was needed, and TDAC organisers approached us to take the Gala virtual.

 Demand to participate in the Gala was way in excess of expectations. These dancers hadn’t had the opportunity to perform in front of an audience all year! Over the course of a frantic but delightful weekend, we captured over fifteen hours of dance performances in front of a socially distanced audience. It was an amazing privilege to be in a theatre, experiencing live performances again after such a long break due to COVID.

Over the subsequent two weeks we took those recordings and produced almost 400 individual performance videos, two long-form highlight shows, and a 118-minute Gala Extravaganza.

We co-ordinated with streaming service provider Crowdcast.io on behalf of TDAC to get the shows online and able to purchased, and the Gala went out to a paying audience on October 4th.

Despite the unprecedented COVID-19 restritctions, TDAC were able to match the previous year’s record-breaking fundraising!