Television Commercials



Prior to expanding out into full video production, VSM founder Nick Storr created a great deal of short form video production work within his other business, Firefly Media Production. This is a small collection of that previous work.

Hobart City Mission Op Shops

Nick Directed, shot and edited this commercial, based on a concept devised by the client. The intent was to showcase the “life” of a piece of clothing as it is donated to the op shop, and then discovered by its new owner.

Red Kelly’s – Tasmania’s Most Wanted

A simple, elegant 15 second TV commercial to promote Red Kelly’s line of salad dressings. Nick sourced the perfect video of dressing being poured, and built the label transition around it.

Beerfest – Don’t Be Stupid

A slice of stick-figure absurdism, based (pretty loosely) on the aesthetic of Don Hertzfeldt. Nick animated and sound designed this one.

Public Trustee – Gran’s Dress

This was part of a broader branding campaign for The Public Trustee, produced in collaboration with design firm Atomic Blender.

Nick Co-directed, shot and edited.

Red Red

With nothing but the logo to work with for this restaurant advertisement, Nick devised and executed a parallax-layered motion graphics approach inspired by classic James Bond opening sequences (but without the naked ladies.)