very serious media monkey onlyVery Serious Media creates music & sound design for the screen, including television, web video & short film. Our mission is to make your videos sound as amazing as they look.

Our decentralised production process means we can create great audio and music for you wherever you are in the world. There’s no need for you to physically travel to a studio, and all your budget goes into your project, rather than paying for coffee machines and client lounges. Just send us your video, give us a brief, and you’ll get back great sounding audio before you know it. Our remote workflow has been proven on several TV series, documentaries, and short films.

Chief composer, sound designer & VSM head honcho is Nick Storr, leading a team of talented and experience contractors around the globe from his homebase in beautiful Southern Tasmania. Nick’s combination of formal music/audio training, “in the trenches” live music work, and practical broadcast television experience provide the core of Very Serious Media’s creative & technical services.