Whether you’re looking for someone to guide you from a blank slate to a finished product, or you’re after a specific service to plug a hole in your own production team, we’ve got you covered across a broad range of sound, music and video production services.

Every project is different, but generally you’ll be looking at some combination of the below!

Pre Production / Creative Development

Before we start working on anything for you, we like to sit down (preferably in person over a coffee) and make sure we’re working on the right thing.

Here’s where we’ll talk about the information, messages and emotions that you’re wanting to convey with your project, and start exploring how video, sound and music can best be used to achieve them.

We’ll also discuss things like timelines, logistics, budgets (eek!), and the nuts and bolts work of how we can best fit into your workflow.

Location Sound & Video

 This is where we start capturing the raw material that will go into the creation of your project. We’ll capture stunning video of your product, process or place of business, and complement it with fantastic sound.

In addition to making sure your recordings are technically and artistically great, we also prioritise making sure talent are comfortable in front of the camera and microphone. Even the most seasoned performer can occasionally suffer from “red light fever”, so we work to create an easy, relaxed environment so people can look and sound their very best.

Motion Graphics

Great graphic design is… well… great! But it’s even better when it’s supplemented with great animation. We’ll help you get your message across by bringing your design to life.

We work closely with you in creative development so we’re clear on the message you want to get across, then create an animatic (basically a primitive rough draft) for you to sign off. Then we get to work painstakingly creating your animation.

Sound Design 

“Sound is half of the picture”, as Star Wars creator George Lucas famously said. A lot of productions treat sound as a creative afterthought, but at VSM we know that great sound design is the secret weapon that can set your production apart.

We’ll use our extended library of pre-recorded sounds, custom recordings, synthesis and effects processing to meticulously craft the perfect soundscape to help get your story across.


Music is all about emotion. We’ll work closely with you to find out what emotional response you want to get out of each moment, and then help you to achieve that response. If the time and budget permits, we’ll compose and produce original music, but even carefully curated and edited library music can be a huge improvement over a simple “needle drop”.



Sound & Video Editing

This is where all the previous stages come together. Working to the creative template we developed at the start, we’ll weave together video, graphics, dialogue, sound effects, and music to create a perfectly crafted finished product.

Let’s Chat!

Do you have a sound or video project that you’d like some help with? Drop us a line for a chat, to talk through some ideas, or request a quote. We’d love to hear from you.

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