What can we do for you?

Full Video Production

Video is a powerful storytelling tool, but it can be difficult to know where to start. We’ll work with you from idea to finished product to make sure your business or organisation gets its message across.

Sound Design

What We Do

“Sound is half of the picture”, as Star Wars creator George Lucas famously said. Often treated as an afterthought, at VSM we know that great sound design is the secret weapon that can set your production apart.

How We Do It

We’ll discuss the impact you want to create with your production, and design the perfect soundscape to help get your story across.



Original Music

What We Do

We compose, produce and record beautiful music to make your audio or video production sing.

How We Do It

Music is all about emotion. We’ll work closely with you to find out what emotional response you want to get out of each moment, and create music to help you achieve it.

Motion Graphics

What We Do

Great graphic design is… well… great! But it’s even better when it’s brought to life with great animation. We’ll help you get your message across by bringing your design to life.

How We Do It

We work closely with you in creative development so we’re clear on the message you want to get across, then create an animatic (basically a primitive rough draft) for you to sign off. Then we get to work painstakingly creating your animation. 

Let’s TALK!

Do you have an audio or video project that you’d like some help with? Drop us a line for a chat, to get some ideas, or a quote. We’d love to hear from you.